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Just when everything is going beautifully for archaeologist Emma Fielding -- a position at a respected university, a beautiful home in New England, and the warm love of a devoted husband -- her world starts to crumble. What begins as a series of seemingly innocent gestures -- the anonymous delivery of gifts and flowers to Emma's family and friends -- soon progresses to secret, sadistic acts designed to destroy her reputation, her character, and her career. Someone has instituted a brilliantly insidious campaign of personal terror against Emma Fielding, and she is certain she knows who it is: a cunning and dangerous enemy whom everyone but she believes is dead.

But with no proof, no clues, and no allies, Emma will have to fight alone in the dark to rescue a life being rapidly reduced to ashes. Dana Cameron is a professional archaeologist, with a Ph. She has worked extensively on the East Coast on sites dating from prehistoric times to the nineteenth century. Cameron lives in Massachusetts. Ashes and Bones is her sixth novel featuring archaeologist Emma Fielding. In the sixth Emma Fielding adventure after More Bitter Than Death , things are looking up for the archeologist heroine: she has the job she's always wanted, a tenured professorship at a reputable college, the respect of her peers and, most importantly, the love and support of her husband, Brian.

Fortunately for readers, this idyllic period in Emma's life doesn't last long. When a series of "pranks" begins to escalate around her—starting with an ominous postcard bearing only the message "soon," followed by strange, generous gifts to her parents in Emma's name, and turning quickly to arson and murder—Emma struggles to pin down the culprit, succumbing to marriage-straining paranoia and fear.

Emma is convinced that a former colleague, Tony Markham, is responsible, a theory that would make sense—Tony, a psychopathic murderer, had tried to kill Emma four years previous—were he not already dead. With plenty of twists, a well-developed supporting cast and just enough recap to bring readers new to the series up to date without sacrificing momentum, Cameron has crafted a fine suspense thriller.

Ashes And Bones: An Emma Fielding Mystery

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Seller Inventory P Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. I've written six Emma Fielding mysteries, which were published by Avon. I have two more completed books-an espionage thriller and an urban fantasy that I'm polishing now. What advice do you have for the novice mystery writer?

Finish your book or short story , then worry about things like promotion, finding an agent, etc. Writing is the most important thing. Find folks who will give you respectful and helpful criticism. And try new things, when you have the opportunity to do so.

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Now for the fun questions Favorite meal? It's hard to say, but usually, I'm most happy with really beautifully cooked fish. Isn't that boring? For dessert, I love apple pie with cheese or a hot fudge sundae and I adore any kind of cheese served with fruit and nuts, savory mixed with sweet.

Dana Cameron

When I can, I like to alternate traveling to places with loads of museums and restaurants and of course ruins, and then make the next trip a very quiet one, sitting on a beach some place. This year, we hope to go to Turkey and explore the history and archaeology there. How do you plot your books and stories?

With the Emma books, because I knew the archaeology so well, I'd start with location.

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That would tell me who was there, what the crime might be, and what the motives might be. For the other novels and stories, I get to know a character first, and then by paying attention to what the character says, and how she says it, I figure out what the rest of the story is.

I don't outline, and I usually try to write scenes as they come to me, even if it's not in order.

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Then I organize them in what I hope is an exciting, logical way, and that tells me more about the story, too. Do you have some favorite minor characters? Usually the secondary characters I like most, from any book, are the ones who are interesting on the surface and also hint that there's something else, just beneath.

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After a writing session how do you relax? By reading, taking a walk or some other way? I try to do something totally rote after I write, just to reenter the real world. Folding laundry, doing dishes, picking up, going to the gym, or going for a walk. Anything that doesn't require a lot of thought or planning. It's a way to put some distance between the mayhem I'm writing about and the order I want in my non-writing life.

What would you like to say to your readers?

Thank you! Everyone has been so enthusiastic and supportive of all my efforts, and that means the world to me! Tell us about your book covers and if you have any favorite book covers?