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Big and complex data is fueling diverse research directions in medical image analysis and computer vision, which can be divided into two main categories: 1 analytical methods, and 2 predictive methods. While analytical methods aim to efficiently analyze, represent and interpret data static or longitudinal , predictive methods leverage the data currently available to predict observations at later time-points or to predict values for the missing data i.

Despite the terrific progress that analytical methods have made in the last twenty years in medical image segmentation, registration or other related applications, efficient predictive intelligent models are somewhat lagging behind. As such predictive intelligence develops and improves —and this is likely to do so exponentially in the coming years— this will have far-reaching consequences for the development of new treatment procedures and novel tools in health informatics.

The goal of this Special Issue is to publish original manuscripts and the latest research advancements in different aspects of biomedical, health informatics, and medical image analysis, where predictive methods in artificial intelligence and computer vision intersect with healthcare and life sciences.

This Special Issue also provides an opportunity to propel the advent of predictive models in a broad sense, with application to biomedical data. Manuscripts describing new cutting-edge machine learning and deep learning methods that solve challenging problems in the biomedical and health informatics fields are the main focus of the Special Issue. Looking for increased exposure in the field of biomedical engineering? Post-conference publication New this year : all the papers accepted to our special session will be invited to submit an extended version to a post-conference supplement on the BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making journal.

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We already have a preliminary agreement with the journal. By taking advantage of all the steps of the submission process and of the presence at the conference, the authors can keep improving their manuscript until the final publication on the journal.

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A schematic idea of the process: The authors submit their short paper to the special session paper version 1. This paper version will be informally distributed at the conference, but will not be an official publication it will have no ISBN or DOI code. If the paper is accepted, the authors present it at the conference, and collect the in-person questions and comments of the audience to prepare a new version paper version 3.

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Are you interested to help us with the organization of the special session? Feel free to contact us and let's discuss about it. This webpage is publically available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.

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