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Flow cytometry protocols.

Isolation of Dendritic Cells

Flow cytometry overview. Recommended controls.

Methods and Protocols

Direct flow cytometry. Indirect flow cytometry.

Intracellular staining. Analysis of cell cycle. Fluorescence compensation.

"Immune" Documentary - Part 5 - Dendritic Cells & Macrophages

FACS of live cells. Flow cytometry resources. Fluorochrome chart — a complete guide. Flow cytometry multi-color selector.

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Click here to find out how. A combination of the presence and absence of various cell markers can be used for cell surface phenotyping of DCs.

Flow cytometry immunophenotyping | Abcam

Selecting the most appropriate antibodies to go with your dendritic cell growth kit can be a challenge. View our suggested references below, or contact our technical experts for advice. They are extremely versatile and have been widely used in research to advance our understanding of host-pathogen interactions, innate immunity and adaptive immunity. Because dendritic cells are not prevalent in the blood stream, a model whereby DC are derived from monocytes by culture with cytokines is widely used for research purposes. Mary T.


Comparison of membrane antigens of mouse dendritic cell types. Jonathan Michael Rhodes , R. Xenogeneic monoclonal antibodies to mouse lymphoid differentiation antigens. Jeffrey A. Ledbetter , Leonore Herzenberg.

Flow cytometry immunophenotyping

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