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Aristotle takes the term rhetoric from Plato. This famous statement has been much discussed; important publications since the first edition of this translation include Brunschwig and McAdon , both with earlier bibliography.

On rhetoric : a theory of civic discourse

Aristotle is more likely thinking of and rejecting the analogy of the true and false arts elaborated by Socrates in Gorgias , where justice is said to be an antistrophos to medicine b8 and rhetoric, the false form of justice, is compared to cookery, the false form of medicine c1—2. Isocrates Antidosis speaks of the arts of the soul called philosophy, but essentially political rhetoric and the arts of the body gymnastic as antistrophoi.

This view is equally unaccept- able to Aristotle, for whom rhetoric is a tool, like dialectic, though its subject matter is derived from some other discipline, such as ethics or politics; see 1.

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